Mulled Wine Trifle

  • Mulled wine trifle


  • Red wine or Bernd Heiling Pinot Noir Rose Wine

  • Mulling Syrup

  • Gelatine

  • Left over cake (ginger, or Christmas is best!)

  • Custard

  • Perhaps cream or even a mixture of cream cheese & crème fraîche


I use 250ml bottle of Pinot Noir Rose mixed with 50ml of mulling syrup. Warm the wine mixture & mix with gelatine according to the instructions. Put in the bottom of your bowl or individual glasses.

Take enough cake to cover the jelly & soak it in the alcohol of choice – port, cointreau, raspberry schnapps, kirsch let the “spirit” take you.

When the jelly is nearly set add the soaked cake, top with custard (shop bought will do, but Mary Berry’s recipe is divine for home made) & if you are really going for it whipped cream on top.