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A brand new, tasty mixer

The original recipe for this gently spiced mixer was created in Austria in the late 19th century. The recipe was lost for many years and was rediscovered in a sheaf of old papers. Happily for us our friend, Birgid, shared the recipe with us and inspired our journey.

After years of successfully selling Mulled Wine in London we have finally decided to share our secret. Linn has been combining spices with citrus and molasses to make a tasty, concentrated mix for the last 8 seasons and each year our traditional recipe gets better and better.

We have discovered along the way that the mix is also great for cooking and baking. The essence of Merrily Mulled is time, passion & great ingredients.

The Team

Linn Rothstein

The daughter of a master baker who was best known for his spiced buns and fruit & spice biscuits made with the exact spice found in Merrily Mulled Mix.  Linn came to the U.K. to study music and spent her early professional life working as a classical pianist and enriching her life experience thanks to her marriage to the violinist, Jack Rothstein, best known for his interpretation of the Viennese repertoire.

Charlotte Bendel

After finishing an MSc in Neuroscience, Charlotte found herself in Italy for a year, working on a vineyard in Tuscany. This lead to a permanent change in direction, and she has now worked in the food and drinks industry for over 15 years – 6 of those at La Fromagerie in Marylebone. 9 years ago Charlotte co-founded Merry Widows Ltd a specialist Austrian wine & schnapps company (www.merrywidowswine.com). After successfully running their own Mulled Wine stand at London Christmas Markets, it became apparent that there was an opportunity to provide a high quality mulling mix for on-trade businesses.

Nick Sandler

Merrily Mulled is a dream come true for Nick. He obsesses about great ingredients and has worked tirelessly to ensure that our recipe is of the highest quality. Over the years Nick has worked as Creative Chef for Pret a Manger and written a number of cookbooks ranging from preserving food to making sausages. Nick loves foraging, fishing, shopping at his local market and climbing, so catch him when you can!

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